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Study Spanish COLOMBIA is a website that allows you to discover, review and enroll in the very best Spanish language schools in Colombia.  Let us show you 1) why Colombia is the fastest growing destination to study Spanish abroad, 2) where to learn Spanish in Colombia and most importantly 3) how you can enroll quickly and easily.

Medellin’s famous Metrocable is an iconic symbol of the metamorphosis & transformation of Colombia.  Read More

Why Learn Spanish in Colombia?

It’s not a difficult choice. The Colombians are said to be the happiest people on earth. They welcome visitors with open arms and a smile. The Colombian accent is neutral making it much easier to learn and understand (unlike the Spaniards or Argentinians for example). And it’s widely known that that Colombian Spanish is much purer in form and structure.

Luckily Colombia has transformed in recent years giving you the opportunity to learn Spanish here. Forget what you’ve seen on television.

Colombia is now safe, modern and economically thriving with tourism reaching record levels. That’s why Colombia is rapidly becoming the most popular place to study Spanish in South America. For the latest news and information about Colombia check out our Facebook page.

Who are Study Spanish COLOMBIA?

Study Spanish COLOMBIA are experts when it comes to Spanish language education in Colombia. We work alongside the very best Spanish language schools and private Spanish teachers in Colombia helping you enroll in classes quickly and easily.

We’re independent reservation agents offering a service similar to that of a travel agent. You could spend all day searching for flights & accommodation online OR speak to an expert and get them to do it all for you. Because we have a good relationship with the schools means we can help you save money. And the schools love us because they can focus their efforts on teaching.

We’re based here in Medellin, Colombia so we know the market like the back of our hand, ensuring you book the best schools at the best price.  [Read more about us].

Why enroll in Spanish Lessons with us?

Based in Medellin, Colombia we work closely with the very best Spanish schools and private Spanish teachers in Colombia. We also can assist with your accommodation (including Homestays), tours, salsa lessons and other useful services. We know the Spanish language market like the back of our hand. Contact us today, we work 7 days a week.
Don’t waste your precious time searching out-of-date websites and forums. Don’t get ripped off booking Spanish classes via an agency that’s not based in Colombia and don’t know Colombia. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about studying Spanish in Colombia right here. If you’re still unsure make use of our “Ask an Expert” service.
We have hand selected the very best Spanish schools and private teachers in Colombia and continually monitor their performance via student feedback and reviews. This is the reason why we are the no.1 reservations agent for Spanish language schools and private teachers in Colombia and have helped thousands of Spanish students since 2011.

Save Time & Money

Don’t want to do all the homework yourself? Let us take the hassle out of your holiday planning. Use our Pre-Booking Consultancy service and save time & money.

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