Accommodation in Bogota

Finding accommodation in Bogota doesn’t have to be a challenge.  On this page we give advice about where to stay and how to find accommodation in Bogota.

An important point about choosing where to stay in Bogota is that like many big cities around the world, Bogota can suffer from serious traffic congestion especially during peak hours. As such we suggest choosing your accommodation and language school / language teacher carefully to avoid commutes from one end of town to the other.

Areas of Bogota

La Candelaria is the historic center of Bogota. Containing 90% of Bogota’s historic buildings, museums, galleries and national monuments, any visit to Bogota usually starts here. If you stay in La Candelaria you can reach the Museo del Oro, Botero Museum and cable cable to Monserrate all within a 10 min walk. For this reason you can understand why most of the hostels in Bogota are located in La Candelaria.

When researching La Candelaria you will see a lot of reports saying that it’s not the safest area to stay in Bogota. However if you exercise normal caution as you would in any big city then you will be fine.

If you’re staying in Bogota a short period of time and looking for accommodation in Bogota where you have everything at your feet then La Candelaria zone is definitely the best place to stay.

Going north of La Candelaria is Chapinero an interesting mix of  residential, entertainment, shopping and office buildings.

Chapinero is a excellent zone to live in Bogota because location wise it is situated half way between La Candelaria in the south and Usquien to the north.

Going north within this zone you will find the following subzones:

  • Zona T (or Zona Rosa) – the social party zone with plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs
  • Chapinero Alto – known to many as the gay zone
  • Zona G – upmarket and fashionable dining
  • Parque 93 – the place to dine and be seen

In the far north of Bogota Usaquién has grown into a very upmarket area of Bogota.  The main streets are lined with historic buildings converted into trendy bars, cafes and restaurants some that would not feel out of place in a classic European city. It has a reputation for having the best of everything, and of course most places come with a international price tag.


Types of Accommodation in Bogota

Apartments & Shared Apartments

The most comprehensive listing of tourist accommodation online can be found on the Airbnb website. Here you will find a mix of commercial listings, private apartments and apartment shares, ranging from affordable through to super luxurious. These days many people are deciding to save money when travelling by staying in shared apartments which often works out better value than staying in a private room in a hostel.


There are hotels of all standards in Bogota. Click HERE for the best prices on hotels in Bogota.

Furnished Apartments

If you’re staying more than a couple of nights and you have a higher budget then a more comfortable option is to rent a furnished apartment in Bogota. There are several agencies that specialize in furnished rentals in Bogota, although please note some are definitely more professional than others. Why not contact us for our recommendation based on student feedback.


Most of the hostels are located in the La Candelaria area which is the historic center of Bogota and is where most of the tourist highlights are. Despite the name HotelsCombined is also a good option for reviewing the best hostels and prices.