Accommodation in Medellin

Finding accommodation in Medellin suitable for Spanish students doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether your coming here for a short period of time or actually planning on living in Medellin take our advice and you’ll be sure that you’re staying in the best part of town where it’s safe and where you will have the most fun. You can check out for detailed information about where to stay in Medellin.

Areas of Medellin

The most popular area for tourists to stay is El Poblado, the Beverly Hills of Medellin. Staying close to Parque Lleras (also known as the Zona Rosa) – here you will find the highest concentration of bars, restaurants, night clubs in Medellin. In general El Poblado also has the best shopping centres, cinemas, international banks, western union offices, travel agencies, internet cafes etc. EAFIT University is located in El Poblado so is the logical choice if you’re coming to study there. On the free travel guide you can find a ton of free Medellin maps showing the best areas to stay along with the location of all the most convenient hostels and hotels.

There are all types of accommodation options from hostels to tourist apartments. Just a couple of streets north of Parque Lleras is the barrio Provenza [Check it out here] which is quickly emerging as the most cosmopolitan zone of Medellin, with the best restaurants in Medellin, the coolest bars, cute patisseries, great coffee shops, gourmet restaurants and the best designer shopping you will find anywhere in town. Walk around during the day you’ll see it’s also an oasis of tropical green vegetation, exotic birds and fresh flowing water. You might even be lucky and catch a street festival or gallery opening. This is a favorite spot for expats having a very European feel and one of the few places you can be assured to get a nice coffee in Medellin!

Whilst the majority of tourists stay in Poblado it doesn’t have a touristy feeling, you can blend in and mix with the locals, some might speak some English but not that many. In many South American cities such as Bogota, Rio, Buenos Aires, Lima etc you will hear English being spoken on every corner, luckily it’s not like that here in Medellin, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish.

Another modern, safe alternative for staying and also living in Medellin is the leafy suburban area of Laureles. The area here is a more suburban which could be perfect if you’re coming with your family or are retired and just looking for someone more relaxed that will help you study with no distractions. Accommodation should be cheaper here although some landlords try to charge tourists El Poblado prices.

Some people advertise accommodation in more “authentic” areas of Medellin.  When they say “authentic” it simply means older style lower to middle class neighborhoods where life goes on as it has done for decades and is an area yet to face redevelopment and economic progress. The rent should be significantly less than in El Poblado which is one advantage. One of the most popular “authentic” but “up and coming” areas is Envigado. Quickly becoming the second most popular zone for tourists looking for a mix of traditional lifestyle but with a growing number of quality restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Where-ever you’re living in Medellin you’ll have a great time.

Types of Accommodation in Medellin

Shared Apartments

On websites such as Airbnb you can find many people offering rooms for rent in their apartments and can be a great option if your looking to for something social whilst having your own space.


There are hotels of all standards in Medellin, if you want to see where the best hotels in Medellin are located on a map check out the free travel guide The Dann Carlton Hotel Medellin is one of the classic top of the range hotels in Medellin and very well located along Avenida Poblado. The Charlee Hotel Medellin is a true designer hotel at the top of the league and located at the epicenter of Medellin nightlife that is Parque Lleras. The Art Hotel Medellin located nearby is also a boutique hotel but comes at a more budget price. The Diez Hotel is another highly recommended hotel. The budget Hotel Acqua is a great new addition at a decent price.


There are now many hostels to choose from in Medellin, on you can find the 30 best hostels in Medellin. The most well known and larger sized hostels include the Casa Kiwi Medellin, Tamarindo, Tiger Paw Hostel Medellin, Pit Stop Medellin. A new addition to the Medellin hostel scene is the Happy Buddha Hostel Medellin, the first true boutique hostel near Parque Lleras. If you prefer a hostel without a party atmosphere then give the GEO Hostel Medellin a go. Also highly recommended is the Saman Hostel Medellin.

Furnished Apartments

If you’re staying more than a couple of nights and you have the budget then it’s definitely more comfortable to stay in a furnished apartment. There are several furnished rental apartment agencies in Medellin.


On the free travel guide you can find detailed information about accommodation in Medellin plus detailed maps showing the location of all the best hotels and hotels in Poblado, Medellin.

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