Colombian Homestays

A homestay is an opportunity for you to stay with a local Colombian family for full immersion in the language, local culture and customs of day to day life. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Colombia and it’s people. Most of all it’s an opportunity to put into practice the Spanish language that you’re learning at school or with a private Spanish teacher.

Typically a homestay guest lives, eats and participates in the day to day life of the family. In return the family provides the essentials such as a private room, laundry service and 2 or 3 meals a day. The family welcomes you as part of the family and to participate in family events.

Staying with a homestay family has certain advantages and disadvantages. When staying with a local family they’re going to be excited to share with you important parts of their life. You may get to see a side of Colombia that foreigners would never have the opportunity of experiencing and for this reason a homestay is a very special experience. You’re going to leave Colombia with some very special memories.

On the other hand you will be expected to live by the families rules. They maybe have a strict curfew or there may be a limitation on inviting friends to the house etc.

Is a homestay right for you? At the end of the day you need to ask yourself what is the main reason you’re coming to learn Spanish in Colombia. Are you are coming for full Spanish immersion, to pick up the language quickly and learn about local culture? If so then a homestay could be an excellent opportunity to quickly learn the language and develop a greater understanding of the Colombian way of life. If you prefer to live a more comfortable lifestyle and have more freedom to do what you want to do then a homestay may not be for you.