Save up to 125,000 COP per week

Group Classes - 525,000 COP per week  (approx. US$174)

 Group Class (1 Week) – 575,000 COP  (approx. US$191)
 Group Classes (2-7 Weeks) – 550,000 COP per week  (approx. US$182)
 Group Classes (8+ Weeks) – 500,000 COP per week  (approx. US$166)

+ Free daily cultural & social activities in both locations. 

Valid for new students only, for all classes booked and paid between 1 – 31 December and applicable only for classes commencing prior to January 15. Classes must be paid for prior to 11am on the Friday the week before classes commence. Normal terms & conditions apply.

Classes & Pricing

The following prices are valid for 2017.

Option 1: “Intensive” Group Classes

20 Hours per week. Open group 3 - 7 people. Available in Medellin & Cartagena.

Weekly Pricing:

1 week = 625,000 COP  (approx. 207USD)
2 weeks = 600,000 COP per week  (approx. 199USD)
3 weeks = 575,000 COP per week  (approx. 191USD)
4+ weeks = 550,000 COP per week  (approx. 182USD)
8+ weeks = 525,000 COP per week (approx. 174USD)
** See Special Promotion **

INCLUDES: FREE Daily Cultural & Social Activities

Option 2: “Private” Group Classes

A private group class for you and your partner, friends or family. Available in Medellin, Cartagena & Bogota.

10 Hours per week = 450,000 COP per person (approx. 149USD)
15 Hours per week = 675,000 COP per person (approx. 224USD)
20 Hours per week = 900,000 COP per person  (approx. 298USD)

INCLUDES: FREE Daily Cultural & Social Activities

Option 3: Private Individual Classes

Available in Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena.

10 hours per week= 700,000 COP (approx. 232USD, 195EUR, 172GBP)
20 hours per week = 1,300,000 COP (approx. 431USD, 362EUR, 319GBP)

During High Season (November to February) there may be limited availability for private lessons.  

Option 4: Skype Classes

Hourly = 65,000 COP  (approx. 22USD, 18EUR, 16GBP)
10 hour package = 650,000 COP 
20 hour package = 1,200,000 COP 

During High Season (November to February) there may be limited availability for Skype lessons.  

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