Learn Spanish in Medellin

With great weather, super friendly locals and a cosmopolitan modern city that rivals any other in South America, everyone who comes to Medellin falls in love. In Medellin the Spanish students tend to be a mix of both travelers and professionals working here or taking a career break. As the “Innovative city” Medellin attracts many IT professionals and entrepreneurs coming here looking to expand their career horizons or simply take a break from it. Medellin is a perfect place to mix living, working and studying.

Travelers and backpackers also love Medellin because it has such a relaxed vibe you really feel like your on vacation. Most people are surprised how safe it feels and you’re 10 times more likely to get mugged in Barcelona than you are in Medellin.

Our Spanish School in Medellin

Toucan Spanish SchoolIf you’re travelling around South America then the Toucan Spanish School has to be the first stop on your itinerary. As Medellin’s largest Spanish School Toucan Spanish realize you don’t have 6 months to learn the language so they aim to teaching practical every day Spanish that gives you the confidence to travel and speak with locals from day one.

However if you would like to study several months of course Toucan can help as well, they have created their own custom curriculum that takes students from levels beginner to advanced. If your priority is to travel, explore, learn and have adventures then Toucan Spanish is perfect for you. Read more about Toucan Spanish School.

Skype Lessons:

Spanish Lessons by SkypeMany students are choosing to take Skype Spanish Lessons prior to landing in Colombia. It’s a great way to get to know your teacher before arriving and also a great way to get a head start with the language.

Check out the Skype Spanish Lessons page.

More Information about Medellin:

Medellin Colombia Travel Guide Check out the free travel guide MedellinColombia.co for detailed information about visiting Medellin.