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The secret is out. Medellin is one of the fastest growing Spanish language destinations in South America and it’s really not difficult to understand why.

Study Spanish COLOMBIA are the Spanish Language experts in Colombia and we’re based right here which means we know Medellin like the back of our hand. We guarantee the schools and teachers we recommend are the very best in Colombia. How do we know? We ask every student to submit a review or provide feedback.Carolina Alvarez: Study Spanish COLOMBIA

With great weather, super friendly locals and a cosmopolitan modern city that rivals any other in South America, everyone who comes to Medellin falls in love. In Medellin the Spanish students tend to be a mix of both travelers and professionals working here or taking a career break. As the “Innovative city” Medellin attracts many IT professionals and entrepreneurs coming here looking to expand their career horizons… or simply take a break from it. Medellin is a perfect place to mix living, working and studying. Travelers and backpackers also love Medellin because it has such a relaxed vibe you really feel like your on vacation. Most people are surprised how safe it feels and you’re 10 times more likely to get mugged in Barcelona than you are in Medellin.

Lastly we can’t ignore the fact that Medellin has some of the most beautiful women in the world. We’re not sure why some people use dating websites like Colombian Cupid because Colombian women are very friendly and easy to meet… but each to their own. We urge you to use common sense when someone says on an online dating site that they are a “Spanish teacher” – we’re pretty sure they’re more interested in giving your money a good time than teaching you good Spanish.

At the moment there are only a few schools to learn Spanish in Medellin but what the city lacks in quantity is certainly made up for in quality. EAFIT University for example is one of the most prestigious Universities in Colombia with a modern, state of the art Spanish Language faculty located in their beautiful campus. Toucan Spanish School also comes highly recommended with excellent reviews from past students. There are also a large number of private Spanish teachers in Medellin and we have exclusive access to the very best of them.

Our Recommended Options:

1) Toucan Spanish School:

Toucan Spanish SchoolIf you’re travelling around South America then the Toucan Spanish School has to be the first stop on your itinerary. At Toucan Spanish they realize you don’t have months to learn the language so they aim to teaching practical every day Spanish that gives you the confidence to speak with locals from day one.

Toucan Spanish School are the more experienced independent Spanish School in Medellin. Formerly known as Medellin Language Academy they recently changed name to reflect their new identity having relocated to a much larger school close to Parque Lleras and with a strong emphasis on providing a more immersive Colombian cultural experience (via homestays, city tours, language exchanges etc).

You’re priority is to travel, explore and have adventures, not learn boring grammar.  Read more about Toucan Spanish School.

2) Medellin University:

EAFIT University

EAFIT University is one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia so it’s only logical that their Spanish Language program is one of the most established in the country. Their course has 12 levels and adheres to the Cervantes Institute guidelines. EAFIT is perfect for those people who prefer a more formal and structured Spanish language course usually for a longer period of time.

Read more about the EAFIT University Spanish Language Program.

3) Private Spanish Lessons:

Alison and Me If you don’t like group classes studying with a private Spanish teacher is another great way to learn Spanish. You will learn significantly quicker as lessons are typically more intensive. In Medellin we have a large number of private Spanish teachers, all very highly qualified and experienced. You can read more on the private Spanish lessons page.

4) Spanish Immersion (Study & Homestay):

Many students coming to Colombia want full Spanish immersion, in other words Spanish classes combined with a period of time staying with a Homestay family. The main advantage of staying with a homestay family is that you have a lot more opportunity to practice day-to-day Spanish since the family typically does not speak much English. It’s also undoubtedly the best way to experience real Colombian culture. The families welcome you into their homes, invite you to join in family events & outings and you get to taste great home cooked Colombian food that you probably won’t experience in any restaurant.

Even if your preference is to stay in a tourist apartment or hostel that’s great but why not consider staying a week with a local family. Our students tell us that their time with a Medellin Homestay family helped improve their Spanish significantly and added so much to their Colombian experience. They all leave Colombia not only having experienced the real Colombia, they also made new friends for life.

You can read more about homestays on the Homestays Colombia page. Remember no matter where you are studying in Medellin Study Spanish COLOMBIA are able to arrange both your language course and homestay family.  We are the largest provider of homestay families in Medellin.

5) Pre-Holiday Lessons by Skype:

Spanish Lessons by SkypeMany students are choosing to take Skype Spanish Lessons prior to landing in Colombia. It’s a great way to get to know your teacher before arriving and also a great way to get a head start with the language. Imagine spending an entire day on a plane just to arrive in Colombia and not know how to tell the taxi driver where to go or how to order a well deserved beer. That would be terrible.

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