Learn Spanish in Medellin

Medellin is the no.1 destination to learn Spanish in Colombia for many reasons. With great weather, super friendly locals and a cosmopolitan modern city, everyone who comes to Medellin falls in love with this beautiful city.

Medellin is the city with the largest Spanish school in Colombia – Toucan Spanish School.

Medellin Spanish School

Toucan Spanish School

Toucan Spanish School are Colombia’s largest Spanish School. Located near the famous Parque Lleras the newly renovated school boasts 14 classrooms, most of which feature air-conditioning and video projectors. Alongside the school is the Toucan Cafe which not only has the best coffee in town but is also Medellin’s leading tour operator.

Toucan Spanish realize you don’t have 6 months to learn the language so they aim to teach practical every day Spanish that gives you the confidence to travel & speak with locals from day one.

Toucan Spanish are the best value Spanish Language School in Colombia with Intensive Group Classes at just USD180 per week, and students are offered a variety of FREE daily activities.

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