Private Spanish Lessons Medellin

When you book private Spanish lessons via Study Spanish COLOMBIA you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality tuition from the most experienced Spanish teachers in Colombia. All of our teachers have been teaching Spanish for a minimum of 2 years. We don’t use trainee or junior teachers and we don’t promote teachers who think they can teach Spanish simply because they know how to teach English or some other language. We know our teachers are the best because we ask every student for feedback on the teacher’s performance. You can read a selection of reviews from your students on the Testimonials page.

Colombian Guarantee

Private Spanish classes cost 35,000 Colombian Pesos per one hour. This is the standard rate in Colombia as set by the teachers themselves. Some of our teachers may charge slightly less, usually when they don’t have to travel. You may find “teachers” who charge alot less but that is usually an indicator that they are not professionally trained or experienced – book at your own risk. Study Spanish COLOMBIA charge a one-time Priority Reservation Fee of $10 to cover website maintenance and administration costs. The Reservation fee is 100% refundable within 7 days if we are not able to allocate you a suitable teacher in this time.


Reserve Your Spanish Teacher:

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Terms & Conditions:

  • If you are not happy with your allocated teacher, we will arrange an alternative teacher at no additional cost.
  • If you’re planning on studying in more than one city you only need to pay the Reservation fee once.
  • Classes are to be paid for directly to the teacher, weekly in advance or as agreed with the teacher.
  • Minimum booking is generally 10 hours
  • Discounts may be given if taking more than 4 weeks of lessons and paying in advance, at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Students will be matched to the most appropriate private Spanish teacher according to their level of Spanish, availability of teachers and location.
  • Once lessons are booked and arranged with a teacher cancellations and scheduling changes to class times cannot be made, except at the discretion of the individual teacher.


See what past students have said:

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A Selection of Our Teachers:

Yadira Black Sheep SpanishMED-YC

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have been teaching Spanish for 6 years full time (about 40 hours a week, over 700 students), I have a degree in International business from EAFIT University but quit to pursue my dream of teaching, which I love! My classes are shaped according to my students needs, sometimes we can focus in grammar, sometimes pronunciation or reading comprehension it depends on your needs really! All my classes take place in the Spanish room at the Black Sheep Hostel, but you don’t need to be a staying there!

Spanish Teacher Medellin CamiloMED-CZ

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have been teaching Spanish for more than 4 years. I understand that everyone learns at a different pace and with a different style and as such, I tailor my classes to the specific needs of each student. Not only will you improve your Spanish, but you will also have the opportunity to learn about Colombian culture!

Violeta Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-VB

Spanish Teacher Medellin

With me you will learn Spanish for real life and not for the test. By this I mean that in my classes, which I try to make more dynamic and fun by using technology as a tool and not just boring books and tests on paper, you’ll learn grammar and you’ll do listening, writing, speaking and comprehension activities to be able to speak in a normal way and not like Mr Weirdo perfect Spanish, because let’s be honest, nobody speaks Spanish as the royal Spanish academy says that we should be speak.

Jorge David Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-DGR

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I studied Humanities, Latin, Greek, History, Art, Literature in Spain and Philosophy & English in New York.  I like meeting foreigners and teaching them Spanish and helping them to know and experience the Colombian culture and places. I’m currently studying a Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I have worked as a Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter for more than 5 years.

Ian Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-ISL

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have been teaching Spanish for the past 5 years (only fun and happy people; I don’t like the grumpy ones, because they make me age faster) and I have had very good results (or at least had no complaints) and everyone learns fun an useful things to improve their communication skills. I always try to teach through dynamic and experimental things, so you don’t get bored and you learn more. My lessons aren’t always indoors; I think the outings really helps the learning process, and of course I get free ice cream.

Spanish Teacher ColombiaPosition Vacant

Position Vacant

We’re always looking for qualified & experienced Spanish teachers to add to this site. Email us for more details.

Marcela Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-MA

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have been teaching Spanish for 3 years. In my lessons I like to combine grammar, conversation and outside practice mixed with listening, writing, speaking and comprehension. Lessons cover a variety of interesting topics such Latin American history, culture, astronomy, science to help you to improve your vocabulary and conversation skills.

Carlos Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-CA

Spanish Teacher Medellin

Hi there! I lived abroad for about 9 years and I’ve been teaching English and Spanish since 2009. I am available to teach anywhere in the city. The lessons are planned according to the student´s needs and interests. I focus on conversation, practical aspects of the language and grammar tips to help the learning process.

Study Spanish in Medellin with GloriaMED-GJG

Spanish Teacher Medellin

Gloria studied Humanities, Spanish and Literature, apart she studied English language. She has been teaching Spanish for 4 years, one year in United States in Spanish Immersion School from 2011 to 2012. Gloria’s teaching style mixes formal lessons, grammar, conversation, practical exercises, whether at a cafe, museum or exploring the city. She’s enjoys being your tourist guide whilst teaching aspects of the Spanish language along the way.

John Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-JB

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have a BS. In Spanish and literature and a degree in Didactics. I have been teaching Spanish at a local university for 8 years. In terms of methodology, I understand that students have different learning styles, which requires activities based on different skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing, structure, pronunciation, etc). I believe the combination of theory and practice is usually a sound idea.

Daniel Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-DRV

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 18 years. I was a professor at EAFIT University but now I’m teaching Colombian university students to become teachers of Spanish. I hold a degree in Social Communication / Journalism which allows me to give a lot of objective & qualified insight into the political, historical, social and cultural issues of Medellin & Colombia. I am also an official translator of English-Spanish-English. My classes are a personalized space where I ensure that things move at the students pace.

Study Spanish with PaulaMED-PB

Spanish Teacher Medellin

I’ve been teaching for the past 15 years. Classes are grounded in a very practical assessment of the student’s language ability and needs. Lessons combine direct teaching, listening, talking, writing, singing, games and more. I work on creating an enjoyable time, interactive and unique, because it’s tailored for each student individually.

Evan Spanish Teacher MedellinMED-ES

Spanish Teacher Medellin

My name is Evan. I’ve been teaching Spanish for over 4 years in Colombia. I love exchanging life experiences, getting to know people, and talking. My main focus is on communication through using the language in real-life situations. I am very good at explaining grammar though.