Where to Study Spanish in Colombia?

On behalf of Toucan Spanish School we welcome you to Colombia. Our headquarters are based in Medellin but we recently launched our new school in Cartagena and we have a range of experienced teachers based in Bogota.

At Toucan Spanish we use our own in house created curriculum, we don’t teach from out of date books. Because we use the same curriculum in Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota this means you can study in all three cities with a smooth transition and without worrying about repeating the same topics.

If you want to learn some Spanish before arriving at any of our schools we also do Skype classes.

Spanish School Medellin

Toucan Spanish Medellin

Spanish School Cartagena

Toucan Spanish Cartagena

Spanish School Bogota

Toucan Spanish Bogota

Skype Classes Colombia

SKYPE Classes