Flights to Colombia

Getting a cheap and direct flight into Colombia is probably the hardest part of the planning process. To help you plan and understand who flies where we have compiled the following data with the help of a really useful website called Open Flights. It's a visual based mapping tool that displays all flights in and out of a selected city on a map, making it easy to get from A to B.

Flights to Colombia

Direct Flights to/from Bogota Colombia

The following Airlines have direct flights into Colombia (the departure city is shown):

  • Aerolineas Argentinas (Buenos Aires)
  • Air Canada (Toronto)
  • Air France (Paris)
  • American Airlines (Miami)
  • Avianca (Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lima, Madrid, New York, Orlando, Rio De Janeiro, San Paolo, Santiago Toronto, Washington)
  • COPA (Quayaquil, Quito)
  • Delta (Atlanta, New York)
  • Iberia (Madrid)
  • Grupo TACA (Lima)
  • JetBlue (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando)
  • LAN Airlines (Miami, Lima, San Paolo, Santiago)
  • Lufthansa (Frankfurt)
  • Spirit (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Grupo TACA (Lima)
  • United Airlines (Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Miami, Newark, New York, Orlando, Washington)
  • US Airways (Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Orlando)

Finding direct and/or cheap flights to Colombia can be a challenge. If you're a bargain hunter like us and also prefer to find the shortest journey time possible then sometimes you have to do a little manual research, you can't just type London to Bogota into the flight booking search engine and expect to get the best result. However knowing the main routes in and out of Colombia can help you plan and research better. For your convenience we've listed them below.

Direct flight from Europe to Bogota:

  • Madrid (Avianca / Iberia),
  • Barcelona (Avianca),
  • Paris (Air France),
  • Frankfurt (Avianca / Lufthansa).

Direct flights from United States /  Canada to Bogota:

  • Atlanta (Delta)
  • Fort Lauderdale (JetBlue Airways, Spirit)
  • Houston (United)
  • Miami (American Airlines, Avianca, LAN Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways)
  • Newark (United)
  • New York (Avianca, Delta, United Airlines, US Airways)
  • Orlando (Avianca, JetBlue, United Airlines, US Airways)
  • Toronto (Air Canada / Avianca)
  • Washington (Avianca / United Airlines)

Direct Flights from South America to Bogota: 

  • Guayaquil (COPA)
  • Quito (COPA)
  • Lima (Avianca, LAN Airlines, Grupo TACA)
  • Santiago (Avianca, LAN Airlines)
  • Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas, Avianca)
  • Sao Paulo (Avianca, LAN Airlines)
  • Rio De Janeiro (Avianca)

Direct Flights to Medellin:

  • Madrid (Avianca)
  • New York (Avianca, US Airways)
  • Miami (American Airlines, Avianca, United Airlines, US Airways)
  • Lima (Grupo TACA)

Here's how to research:

For example if you're flying from London to Bogota there is no direct route so you need to find the next best Alternative. Using the information above you can determine that it would be easy to fly via Madrid, Barcelona, Paris or Frankfurt since they are all fairly close to London. The other option would be to fly via Miami or New York. So to plan this journey you could enter London to Bogota in the airline search engine, or you could check the individual options for London > Madrid then Madrid > Bogota. Sometimes when you book individual flights this can work out cheaper, other times not. However an added bonus of booking individual flights is that you can choose to have a layover in one of the cities on your way to Colombia.

Good luck!