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Bogota might not have the best weather but it does have the big city appeal which draws most visitors. In Bogota you can find great museums, restaurants, bars and clubs.  As the capital city of Colombia many travelers arrive in Bogota as the first port of call, so its a logical place to start a week of Spanish lessons before heading to Cartagena or Medellin.

At the moment we run only small "Private" Group Classes (2 to 3 friends) and Private Individual Classes in Bogota. We use the same high quality curriculum as our Toucan Spanish schools in Medellin and Bogota. We're expecting to start Intensive Group Classes in the near future.

Class Options

Option 1: Private Individual Classes

In the hustle and bustle of Colombia's capital city of Bogota most students want to learn Spanish in the least amount of time as possible by taking private Spanish lessons. With a private instructor you can learn at a quicker pace with the teacher concentrating on your particular requirements. Likewise where necessary the teacher can slow down and concentrate on particular areas that you are having difficulty with.

  • 10 - 20 Hours per week
  • Monday to Friday
  • Classes At All Levels

Option 2: "Private" Group Classes

If you are studying with friends or family and everyone is at the same Spanish level, a private group class could be for you.
  • 10 - 20 Hours per week
  • Monday to Friday
  • Classes At All Levels

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We use the same high quality curriculum in all our schools to guarantee a smooth transition when studying Spanish in Medellin, Cartagena or Bogota.
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